Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Video using iPhone 4 + iMovie for iOS

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Here is a first look at iPhone movies + iMovie for iOS

Obviously Blogger has a CSS problem, at least on Safari, the video doesn't line up with the CSS at all, sorry about that.

Here's the process I used:

1. Went around the house and shot some video and still photos using the iPhone
2. Created a project in iMovie for iOS devices (link)
3. Arranged the photos and video in iMovie
4. Added titles in iMovies
5. Save the project in iMovie on the iPhone
6. Imported the movie from iPhone to iPhoto on the Mac
7. Exported the iPhoto movie to various compressed sizes from iPhoto (this uses Quicktime)
8. Uploaded the movie to Flickr and this blog. Flickr has the largest export from QT, this blog has the medium compressed file)

Here is the Flickr version. Flickr limits to 90 secs, so, it is a little cut off.

PC's users, I am sure the process is pretty easy on your computers as well. I don't know what the iPhoto equivalent is on PCs.

File uploaded to Flickr was 44 Mb, file uploaded to Blogger (youtube) was 11Mb. I have no idea how Flickr and/or YouTube compress after uploading, but, this give you a chance to see the difference.

Whole project took 1 hour with the majority of the being uploading from computer to Flickr and Blogger

EDIT: uploaded the video to my YouTube account a link it here, much better. I found out that QuickTime on my Mac can upload directly to my You Tube account, nice touch QT.

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