Friday, December 31, 2010

More on the iPhone-iPod touch

My last post was a listing of 4 iPhone/iPod touch features that I think are pretty nifty. My motivation is, while the device is new, post a few notes, learn a few thing, get more from your gadget while your are still in the learning mode. Bookmark it, come back to it, refresh your memory.

Here are a few more thoughts on my new iPhone.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New to iPhone iPod touch - Here are some features to remember, Pt 1

I have found that when I get a new gadget, especially one with tons of features, it is best to learn all you can right away, After you have had it for a while, your routine familiarity with the device overcomes your eagerness to learn. So, with my iPhone 4 only two days out of the box here are a few features I have found useful. Many of these feature are available on earlier models of the iPhone (iPod touch as well), so, really they are just new to me. They may be new for you as well, so, bookmark this post, you might find it useful.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Migrating from iPhone v 1 - v 4 and MMS

Just a short post about a fairly obscure problem migrating from iPhone v 1 directly to iPhone v 4.

iPhone version 1 did not support Multimedia Message Service (MMS) only Short Message Service (SMS or Text only messaging). I received an iPhone v 4 for a Christmas present, that meant I was going from iPhone v1 to v4. Purchased the phone at an Apple store and made the necessary ATT account changes while there. Thought everything was fine.

Came home eager to try all the features of the new phone, but, MMS did not work. Interesting, Chris, my spousal equivalent, owns an iPhone 3 GS, he couldn't send MMS either. Naturally, I thought there must be a network problem, he has never had a problem before with MMS.