Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Migrating from iPhone v 1 - v 4 and MMS

Just a short post about a fairly obscure problem migrating from iPhone v 1 directly to iPhone v 4.

iPhone version 1 did not support Multimedia Message Service (MMS) only Short Message Service (SMS or Text only messaging). I received an iPhone v 4 for a Christmas present, that meant I was going from iPhone v1 to v4. Purchased the phone at an Apple store and made the necessary ATT account changes while there. Thought everything was fine.

Came home eager to try all the features of the new phone, but, MMS did not work. Interesting, Chris, my spousal equivalent, owns an iPhone 3 GS, he couldn't send MMS either. Naturally, I thought there must be a network problem, he has never had a problem before with MMS.

This really bugged me so I decided to go to an ATT store, a corporate operated store like this one.

I was really going by to see if there was a network issue. No network issue. The issue is an obscure setting on the ATT network to turn on MMS for accounts that have the first gen. iPhone plan. So, going to a corporate ATT store is important. And them expect a wait why they diagnose the problem.

After they make the account adjustment, you'll need to reset network settings on the phone. Ahh, MMS works. Yay

But, I get home and Chris' MMS is still not working. The fix, reset network settings on his iPhone. Now he is back in business as well. Chris and I have a ATT iPhone family plan and I my phone is the "alpha" phone on the plan. I suspect that is why the migration affected his phone as well as mine. Regardless, if you are migrating from ATT iPhone plan version 1 to iPhone 4, and experience MMS failure, my experiences might help you.

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