Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My top 5 Songs that tell a story

5. It's s story about a simple man that could barely keep his family fed. That was until he was shootin' at some food and up through the ground came bubblin' crude. (oil that is, black gold, Texas Tea)

Number 5 is the Ballad of Jed Clampett - Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt

4. City girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile. Ya know, she says she is headed out to comfort an old friend who is feeling down - but - we know she is headed to the cheatin' side of town.

Number 4 is Lyin' Eyes - The Eagles

3. When we grew up and went to school, there were certain teachers that would hurt the children anyway they could. This song poses a very important question at the end. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Number 3 is Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd.

2. A long time ago came a man on a track, walking thirty miles with a pack on his back. And he put down his load where he thought it was the best, made a home in the wilderness. Then came the mines - then came the ore, then there was the hard times then there was a war. Telegraph sang a song about the world outside, Telegraph road got so deep and so wide.

Number 2 is Telegraph Road by Dire Straits

1. Well, after Labor Day - I think about fall - and that makes me think about Thanksgiving - and - thanksgiving makes me think about sittin' on the Group W bench with the mother rapers and the father stabbers and the father rapers - Obie and the twenty seven eight by ten color glossy pictures. 'cause - wait for it to come around again....

(number 1 is) you can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant. (Arlo Guthrie)

More people did this today, see who else played along.

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