Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is it Al or Allen ?

I went to a party recently and met a great group of people none of whom I had met before.  I was being introduced as Allen but if I introduced myself, it was as Al. Inevitability I was asked, "is it Al or Allen?"  That's a difficult question for me. 

Seems to me names are something given to you, even forced upon you. You don't get to choose your name. Somehow I ended up with two names,  Allen and Al. It's strange when someone asks you if you want to be called this or that. The first answer I come up with is always "Hmmm, I never thought about it." 

I'm not sure why I have decided to blog again, I just have. I did this back in the early days of blogging, the 1920's. It was just a proof of concept thing back then. We'll see where this goes. I'll try not to be too blognorant. 

I do tweet - can be followed @LQQK 

I am a member of the Triangle Macintosh Users Group. It is a great group of folks from all backgrounds that want to get more from their Mac. Sign up for the TMUG email list, it's free.  It is fun to be part of an on-line community, if you don't have a Mac question to ask, maybe you can answer one. TMUG's list is not high volume, usually a question or two a day. 

I have titled this blog A. Emory, simply for a lack of a better name. That will change, I hope. But, like I said, names are usually given not chosen. 

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